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HoliGAY is HoliG80s

By Paige | Oct 29, 2018 | Comments Off on HoliGAY is HoliG80s

his year HoliGay is HoliG80s. Come dressed in your best 80’s garb.

BASL will be raising funds for Health Outreach To Teens (HOTT) Program at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. We will be collecting gift cards and cash donations at the party.

Also, please visit to purchase items on the HOTT Program Wishlist supporting LGBTQ Youth.

Let’s celebrate the HoliG80s and raise money for a worthy cause, together. Hope to see you there.

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Sportsbian Halloween Bash and Costume Contest!

By Paige | Oct 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Sportsbian Halloween Bash and Costume Contest!

It’s Halloween time! The NYGFL, BASL, Ladies Village Soccer and NYCGBL are partnering up to throw the ultimate Sportsbian Halloween Party!

There will be lots of games, activities, and a COSTUME CONTEST with some great prizes! More details to come.

Wear your best costume and we’ll see ya there!

at Henrietta Hudson

Wednesday, October 34th

Starting at 7:30pm!

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2018 End of Season Awards Results

By Paige | Oct 12, 2018 | Comments Off on 2018 End of Season Awards Results

Commissioner’s Award

     Sachs – Comets Laurie Hintz

     Green – Batten Resting Pitch Face Paige Ponzeka

     Fitzpatrick – Fusion2 Andrew Gandy


Regular and Playoff Awards

   Sachs Division

     Comets 1st Place Regular Season and 2nd Place Playoffs

     Grizzlies 2nd Place Regular Season and 1st Place Playoffs


     Sirens 1st Place Regular Season

     Swingers 2nd Place Regular Season and 1st Place Playoffs

     Cyclones 2nd Place Playoffs


     1st Place Regular Season Go! Girls

     2nd Place Regular Season Chix-w-Stix

     1st Place Playoffs Assassins

     2nd Place Playoffs B-Bombers


     1st Place Regular Season Mustangs

     2nd Place Regular Season Demons


     1st Place Regular Season Lady Heat

     2nd Place Regular Season Venom



     1st Place Regular Season Arsenal

     2nd Place Regular Season Warriors


Jay Brito’s Manager’s Award


       Warriors Luis Nunez

       Rebels Bill Karim

       Fusion Michael Cohen


       Fusion2 Angelo Santos


       Assassins Katherine Valle

       Go! Girls Michele Hagerman


       Ballbreakers Kenton Williams

       Rookies Rob Compitello, Peter Mercurio, Luigi Sinatra, Jimmy Varner


       Clippers Lady Killer

       Grizzlies Devin Nix


Individual Awards

     Sportsbian Spirit Award

     Mousseau Division


         Go!Girls Josie Tran Beaudoin

         B-Bombers Hanah Rosenfeld

         Assassins Mariela Echanarria

         Chix-w-Stix Tierney Bryce

         Brewers Maria Mendoza (Hellcats)

       Winner is Chix-w-Stix Tierney Bryce


     Green-Batten Division


         Dive Bar Emma Hutchinson,

         Resting Pitch Face Shira Levine,

         Venom Catherine Tacopina,

         Lady Heat Sam Kernhaber

         Hellcats Melanie Waldron

       Winner is Resting Pitch Face Shira Levine


   Matt Dzobia Spirit Award from Sachs Division

     Clippers Katelyn Stone


   Pitching Award (Open)

       Dima Arsenal Scott Petritis

       Fitzpatrick Mustangs Krashawn Lee

       Panarace Sirens Ernan Bueno

       Sachs (Tie) Comets Laurie Hintz and Grizzlies Scott Nabb


   Defensive Player of the Year (Women’s +)

       Mousseau Division


         Go! Girls Erin Schaefer

         B-Bombers Denise Rojas

         Assassins Doris Maldonado

         Chix-w-Stix Megan Timpf

         Brewers Lu Enstad

       Winner is Chix-w-Stix Megan Timpf




         Dive Bar Stacy Chaet

         Resting Pitch Face Sarah Gold

         Venom Farrah Miller,

         Lady Heat Erin Reilly

         Hellcats Katie McMillen

       Winner is Lady Heat Erin Reilly


     Batting Average (Open Division)

       Dima Gym Sports Bar Sean O’Callaghan 0.676

       Fitzpatrick Fusion2 Luke Heyer 0.717

       Panarace Swingers Dan Westervelt 0.735

       Sachs Comets Brent Shultz 0.750


     RBI (Open Division)

       Dima Arsenal John Quashe 39 RBIs

       Panarace Rookies Michael Thompson 38 RBIs

       Sachs Grizzlies Jonas Nolasco 51 RBIs


     Offensive Player of the Year

       Green-Batten Division


           Dive Bar LA Scheider

           Resting Pitch Face Claire Allen

           Venom Tiffany Kennedy

           Lady Heat Jeanine Royce

           Hellcats Melissa Sklarz

         Winner is Dive Bar LA Sheider


       Mousseau Division


           Go!Girls April Reed

           B-Bombers Stacy Aquino

           Assassins Nilba Hildago

           Chix-w-Stix Maya Shoham

           Brewers Kellie Tice

           Winner is B-Bomber Stacy Aquino


     Homerun (Open Division)

       Dima (Tie) Fusion George Ku and Arsenal John Quashe (6 HRs each)

       Fitzpatrick Fusion2  Jon Hansen 8HR (Division leading)

       Panarace (Tie) Swingers Bill Funaro and Rookies Michael Thompson (7 HRs each)

       Sachs (Tie) Grizzlies Jonas Nolasco and Grant Rowley (6 HRs each)


   Most Improved

     Mousseau Division

       Chix-w-Stix Polly Acona Carr

       B-Bombers Shirin Martazavi

       Go!Girls Hayley Morgan

     Dima Division

       Warriors Jay Tavarez

       Arsenal Thomas Brzostowski

     Fitzpatrick Division

       Eagles Alex Raducz

       Mustangs Jean-Paul Garces

     Panarace Division

       Rookies Michael McLaughlin (remain on stage – 8 for photo)


       Resting Pitch Face Zeina Dajani

       Dive Bar Kate Hennessy

       Venom ???

       Lady Heat Mary Wilson

       Hellcats Koni Murphy

     Sachs Division

       Comets Michael Stewart-Evans

       Grizzlies Jeff Gladstone

       Clippers POST???

       Skyline Elite Anastasia Allen

       Jesters Cole Cornell (remain on stage – 10? for photo)


   Philip Ognibene’s Rookie of the Year

       Mousseau Division


           Go! Girls Carolyn Met

           Assassins Allison Sciulla

           B-Bombers Ali Simpson

           Brewers Erin Ross

           Chix-w-Stix Megan Timpf

         Winner is Chix-w-Stix Megan Timpf


       Dima Division – Arsenal John Quashie

       Panarace Division – Swingers Nik Gomez


       Green-Batten Division


           Resting Pitch Face Jaimi Vogt

           Dive Bar Ally Powell

           Venom Thedra ‘Flip’ Simpson

           Lady Heat Sherry Myrick

           Hellcats Jen Gulley


         Winner is Venom Thedra ‘Flip’ Simpson


       Sachs Division – Comets Brent Sholtz

       Fitzpatrick Division – Fusion2 Luke Heyer


   Most Valuable Player

       MVP Sachs Division

         Comets Roberto Aguiar

         Grizzlies Grant Rowley

         Clippers Reno

         Skyline Elites Javy Alicea

         Jesters Ulises Arce

       MVP Panarace

         Ballbreakers Enrique Menendez

         Cyclones Ronald Rivera

         Swingers Nik Gomez

         Renegades Tony Laufgraben

         Sirens Co MVP Ernan Bueno and Nick Guntli

       MVP Green-Batten

         Resting Pitch Face Paige Ponzeka

         Lady Heat Laura Baker

         Hellcats Jen Gulley

         Venom Thedra ‘Flip’ Simpson

         Dive Bar Suzette Breibart

       MVP Fitzpatrick

         Demons Charlie Starner

         Eagle Larry Gershberg

         Fusion2 Angelo Santos

         Mustangs Kenneth Garces

       MVP Mousseau

         Assassins Doris Maldonado

         B-Bombers Alex Branstetter

         Chix-w-Stix Megan Timpf

       MVP Dima

         Gym Sports Bar Michael Cordova

         Warriors (Tie) Edgar Roman and Eric Wu

         Arsenal (Tie) Scott Petritis and Jose Rivera

         Fusion George Ku

         Rebels James Moore


HOF inductions

Daniel Ryan

Tarah Burns

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Awards Party Photos

By Paige | Oct 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Awards Party Photos

The Awards Party Photos are available on facebook here or online here.

Thank you to Magnet Photos!


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Thank you Jeff James

By Paige | Oct 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Thank you Jeff James

Jeff with GYM Sportsbar at the NAGAAA GSWS in Tampa, FL in 2018

I joined the Big Apple Softball League in 2013. I just wanted to get out and play a sport I had grown up playing my whole life. I hadn’t expected to find a community and I certainly hadn’t expected to become such an involved member of it but 5 years later that’s exactly what has happened and I have Jeff James to thank for it. My only memories of the Big Apple Softball League involve Jeff. He has been Mr. BASL, making an appearance at every team fundraiser, contributing donations when he could and constantly encouraging and fostering new players, new managers and new teams.

I don’t remember how I initially got involved with the league in those years but I know the Jeff was a huge part of it. Jeff is subtle leader, he would never tell me what to do or how to do it but his tireless work ethic and dedication to the Big Apple Softball League was infectious. Not only was he receptive to change but he encouraged it, he was excited for it.

The Big Apple Softball League has some great leaders and dedicated board members that are ready to step up and take the reigns for the league and Jeff has earned a well deserved break! People like Jeff don’t come often and I’m thankful for the time we’ve all had for his mentorship and guidance in running this league.

Thank you Jeff for your tireless work and endless dedication to our league. And as a thank you I’ve included this really embarrassing photo of you accepting your Thank you Award at this past Awards Party. Thank you, Jeff James!





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Fall Ball End of Season Party

By Paige | Oct 3, 2018 | Comments Off on Fall Ball End of Season Party

Join us a Dive Bar NYC starting at 1:00pm for our end of Season celebration!

There will be drink specials for 1st and 2nd place teams from each division.

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Sportsbian Mixer : ASANA World Series Fundraiser

By Paige | Aug 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Sportsbian Mixer : ASANA World Series Fundraiser

Come join us Upstairs at the Stonewall Inn to support our ASANA Softball World Series Bound Women’s+ Softball Teams. There will be some great Raffle Prizes, 2 for 1 Drink Specials.

All proceeds will benefit our Women’s+ Softball Teams as they journey to New Orleans for the ASANA World Series!


RSVP on Facebook

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BASL All-Star Game

By Paige | Aug 2, 2018 | Comments Off on BASL All-Star Game

UPDATE: The All★Star Game has been rained out all games are cancelled ! We hope that you will still come out and join BASL and support Barrow’s Pub today starting at 12:00pm. They will still be honoring drink specials for the league. Hope to see you there!

Pitchers for $12.50
all bottle beers $4.50 and All Drinks $7.50

Note: cash only bar!

Field 1 (East): Women+ All★Star Teams
Field 2 (West): Sachs vs. Panarace

Field 1 (East): Dima vs. Fitzpatrick


RSVP on Facebook

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End of Season Awards – Sept. 15th

By Paige | Aug 1, 2018 | Comments Off on End of Season Awards – Sept. 15th

Save the Date for the End of Season Awards Party

Saturday, September 15th at Boxers UES

More details to follow!

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ASANA World Series Bingo Fundraiser

By Paige | Aug 1, 2018 | Comments Off on ASANA World Series Bingo Fundraiser

Come Support Resting Pitch Face, The Big Apple Softball League Women’s+ D Division team heading to the ASANA World Series in New Orleans! Come play highly competitive rounds of Bingo for some great prizes and help send us to NOLA!

Dive Bar (96th Street & Amsterdam)

Sun, August 16th

1:00pm – 4:00 pm

RSVP on Facebook

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