Big Apple Softball League: New York City's LGBTQ+ Softball League


Tips: How to Register

Before playing in their first 2016 BASL Softball game, all players need to register and pay their $100 Player’s Fee. If a Team is found with an unregistered player on their roster, their games will be automatically forfeited! There’s been some confusion around registration so we thought we’d put together some instructions: Navigate to the…

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Tips: Inviting Players

Secretary Joe Hom has some tips for inviting Players to teamsnap. We had some comments about the registration particularly new players.  Some managers could not get their new players through registration because the new layer wasn’t invited. To “invite” new players: A team manager signs in and goes to their roster (tab, etc.) on TeamSnap.…

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Tips: Syncing Calendars

If you’re like me and you use your Google Calendar to schedule your entire life, then this tip might be great for you. After you register and pay your Player fees you’ll be able to view your team in teamsnap, once your division schedule has been approved and imported into teamsnap you can easily export all…

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