Big Apple Softball League: New York City's LGBTQ+ Softball League

When to Use the Player Pickup List

Add Permanent Players from the Player Waitlist

The New Player Waiting List is a list of New Players looking to join the BASL for the upcoming season. They are a list of players that could not attend the draft or were not picked up by a team. Their level is asset through a variety of questions about their past softball experience and their estimated skill level.

Players picked up from this list will have to still pay the player registration fee to register to play with the league and will become permanent members of your roster.

Players can be picked up from the New Player Waiting List up until Player Registration closes after the June General Body Meeting (Sometime in Mid-June).

There is no penalty for picking up a player however note that the team priority order for picking up players is the same as the initial draft order.

Please Contact and your division representative if you are interested in adding a player from the waitlist.

The Player Pickup List - Temporary Players

The Player Pickup List is a list of active Big Apple Softball Players that indicated on their signup form that they were interested in playing as a pickup player in regular season games during the season. The are temporary players that are only added to your roster for a game or two.

If you are a BASL Player and would like to be added or removed from this list please contact

The Player Pickup List exists to help prevent teams that are short of players from having to forfeit games. However overuse of this list could result in some penalties, so it is recommended that teams ONLY use the Player Pickup List when absolutely necessary. It is strongly recommended that managers consider adding permanent players to their roster by adding players from the New Player Waiting List.

Penalities will result if you use the Player Pickup List in more than Four Games.

If a Team Uses the Pickup Player List in four (4) games in a season, its seed will revert to last place and its first playoff game will be an automatic loss.If a team uses the list in five (5) games in a season, it will not be permitted to play in the playoffs and if a team uses the list in six (6) games in a season, its season will be terminated immediately.

Knowing these penalties, if you'd still like to consider using the Pickup Player list please contact your Division Representative for more information and for access to the Pickup Player list for your Division.

Pickup Player Rules

  1. A player cannot be a pickup player for a division they play in.
  2. A team can only pickup a player in an equivalent or lesser division. (See exceptions)
  3. A team cannot add more then 3 Pickup players (for a total of 9 players)
  4. The manager that wishes to pickup players must email the opposing manager, their division rep and their assistant commissioner the name(s) of the pickup players by the Thursday before the weekend's game.

Valid Pickup Player Divisions

In the Open/Co-ed Division:

  1. Dima can pick up from Fitzpatrick & Panarace
  2. Fitzpatrick can pick up from Panarace, Sachs, Mousseau & Green-Batten
  3. Panarace can pick up from Sachs, Mousseau & Green-Batten
  4. Sachs can pick up from Green-Batten and 1 Player from Mousseau

In the Women's Division:

  1. Mousseau can pick up Women Players from Panarace, Sachs & Green-Batten
  2. Green-Batten can pick up Women Players from Panarace, Sachs & 1 Player from Mousseau