Big Apple Softball League: New York City's LGBTQ+ Softball League

Season Results and Award Winners

Fall Ball Playoffs this Weekend (Saturday, November 5th)

Fall Ball are This Weekend!


Playoff Rules:
  • 1 day – November 5th
  • 1 hour games
  • 1-1 with courtesy Foul
  • No new inning after 50 minutes
Championship Game Rules:
  • 0-0 count
  • 1.5 hour games
  • No new inning after 75 minutes
  • Game Scheduled at 12:15
  • “If”Game 1:45pm

Women’s Division Playoffs

Games Start at 9:00am (Last Possible Game Starting at 1:45)

  1. Dive Bombers
  2. Branded Saloon
  3. Bar 9
  4. Venom

Game 1: 9:00am Branded vs Bar 9 (Field #22)

Game 2: 9:00am Dive Bombers vs Venom (Field #25)

View the Complete Playoff Bracket for the Women’s Division

2016 BASL Fall League (Women's Division Playoffs)

Open Division Playoffs

Games start at 9:00am (Last Possible Game starting at 2:50)

  1. SOP
  2. Rookies
  3. Gym Sports Bar
  4. Jesters

2016 BASL Fall League (Open Coed Brackets)Playoffs for

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2016 Spring Awards

Jay Brito Manager Award

kind, treated all his players like they were his children, like family. This award is a thank you from the manager to the players.

Dima Division

  • Arsenal, Antonio Guzman
  • Fusion, Henry Tieu
  • Hardware Hammers, Daryl Mannillo
  • Boxers Warriors, Scott Batten

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, Christopher Siley
  • Mustangs, Ernest Watrous
  • Demons, Eddie Schatzle
  • Renegades, Scott Sullens
  • Rookies, Randy Price
  • Rookies, Michael Leslie
  • Rookies, Steven Herrick

Sachs Division

  • Grizzlies Sarah Arnold

Mousseau Division

  • Brewers Ann Marie Del Bello
  • Brewers Jess Rosin
  • Go! Girls Kristi Hinkelman
  • Bar 9 Liza Nunez

John Henry Rew Most Improved Player Award

when John Henry joined the league he knew nothing about how to play softball. Each season he got better until played in the top division.

Dima Division

  • Arsenal, Mirsad Cekovic
  • GYM Sports Bar, Charlie Bruno
  • Boxers Warriors, Brian Oper

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones Alex Raducz
  • Mustangs Derrick Flowers
  • Rookies Arnold Plotnick
  • Rookies Jasper Brown

Panarace Division

  • Ty’s Ballbreakers, John Lingenfelter
  • Sirens, Atul Batra
  • Village Apothecary Wahoos, Douglas Galan
  • gatorz, Bryan Callahan

Sachs Division

  • Grizzlies Ralph Greco
  • Comets Nick Herrera
  • Skyline Elite Bob Hinnen
  • Jesters Justin Birdsong
  • Outlaws Guarav Shrivastav

Mousseau Division

  • Chix-w- Stix Maya Shoham
  • Go! Girls Kacie Schlussel

Green-Batten Division

  • Hellcats, Maria Mendoza
  • Lady Heat, Jenny Ortega
  • Scissor Sisters, Sheila Acosta
  • Venom, Valerie Jara
  • Dive Bar, Kelechi Anyanwu

Stan Witt Pitching Award

he pitched in the BASL until he was 88! Stan still lives in the east village and refuses to take the elevator. He lives on the 9th floor.

Dima Division

  • Boxers Warriors, Michael Brouse

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, Lawrence Gershberg

Panarace Division

  • Stonewall Swingers, Bart Rosenberg

Mousseau Division

  • Chix-w- Stix, Ginny Lentino


Most Valuable Player – MVP

Dima Division

  • Arsenal, Adam Eisenberg
  • Fusion, Adam Johnson
  • GYM Sports Bar, Ben Clark
  • Boxers Warriors, Alex Mendoza
  • Hardware Hammers, Michael Goldman

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, Jason Eaton
  • Mustangs, Sean O’Callaghan
  • Demons, Christopher Cofone
  • Renegades, Maki Onodera
  • Rookies, Michael Thompson
  • Rookies, Mason Scherzer

Panarace Division

  • Ty’s Ballbreakers, Christopher Gorman
  • Sirens, Ed Chiha
  • Village Apothecary Wahoos, Harley Matthews
  • gatorz, Louis Sinatra
  • Stonewall Swingers, Dan Westervelt (Co-MVP)
  • Stonewall Swingers, Josh Stone (Co-MVP)

Sachs Division

  • Grizzlies, Scott McNabb
  • Comets, Adam Lazaro
  • Skyline Elite, Manny Maldonado
  • Jesters, Enrique Menendez
  • Outlaws, Cheryl Lynch

Mousseau Division

  • Chix-w- Stix, Tanya Barrios
  • Bar 9, Daisy Reyes
  • Bar 9, Katherine Christakos
  • B-Bombers, Mima Wellington

Green Batten Division

  • Hellcats, Katie Hummel
  • Lady Heat, Colleen Keifer
  • Lady Heat, Dawn Morris
  • Scissor Sisters, Cait Knoll
  • Venom, Nicole Chantharaj
  • Dive Bar, Casey Schumpert

Philip Ognibene Rookie Of The Year

Nicknamed “Roxy Eddie” he loved the night club Roxy and had a widows peak like Eddie Munster. He joined the league in 2001. Eddie would have been the Rookie of the Stonewall Division. 9-11 happened and Eddie was in the twin towers.

Dima Division

  • Arsenal, Robert Field

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, Richard Melito

Panarace Division

  • Stonewall Swingers, William Furnaro

Mousseau Division

  • Go! Girls Erin Schaefer

Green-Batten Division

  • Dive Bar Casey Schumpert

Hall Fame Awards


Fitzpatrick Division

  • Rookies, Dave Lamont

RBI Awards


Dima Division

  • Boxers Warriors, Edgar Roman RBI – 33

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, John McEniry RBI – 30

Panarace Division

  • Ty’s Ballbreakers, Christopher Gorman RBI – 38

Sachs Division

  • Grizzlies, Jonas Nolasco RBI – 32

Mousseau Division

  • Go! Girls, Jaime Burns RBI – 21


Homerun Awards

Dima Division

  • Boxers Warriors Ken Jarosz Homeruns – 6

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Cyclones, Justin Murty Homeruns – 6

Panarace Division

  • Ty’s Ballbreakers Christopher Gorman Homeruns – 9

Sachs Division

  • Comets. Angel Lazaro Homeruns – 5

Mousseau Division

  • B-Bombers, Becky Peters Homeruns – 2

Batting Average Awards

Dima Division

  • Fusion, Angelo Santos Batting Average – 0.634

Fitzpatrick Division

  • Demons Larry Slater Batting Average – 0.718

Panarace Division

  • gatorz Louis Sinatra Batting Average – 0.767

Sachs Division Comets

  • Adam Lazaro Batting Average – 0.889

Mousseau Division

  • Go! Girls, Jamie Burns – 0.745

Matt Dzobia Sachs Division Spirit Award

Matt passed away on March 1, 2014 of complications from acute myeloid leukemia. The Sachs Division teams can nominate a TEAM or players from opposing teams that demonstrate an example of excellent sportsmanship and the spirit of the division and BASL.

Awards to the Outlaws,  For displaying excellent sportsmanship in the spirit of the Sachs Division

John Panarace Commissioner Awards

“Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination”

Panarace Division

  • Stonewall Swingers, Bart Rosenberg

Sachs Division

  • Jesters, Sammye Coker


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Spring 2016 Results

Women’s Division

Mousseau Division

Regular Season Results

First Place Regular Season – Brewers

Play Off Results

2016 Mousseau Division

Chix-w-Stix 2016

First Place Playoffs & Second Place Regular Season 



Second Place Playoffs

Go! Girls

Congrats on the Great Season!

Thank you go Division Rep Lauren McCabe for all of her hard work!

Green-Batten Division

Regular Season Results

Playoff Results:

Women's Green-Batten Results - Spring 2016

Hellcats Lady Heat Spring 2016 Playoffs

First Place Regular Season & Playoffs: Hellcats

Second Place Regular Season & Playoffs: Lady Heat

Scissor Sisters

The Scissor Sisters Finished Third Place

Dive Bar

Dive Bar Finished 4th Place in the Playoffs

Venom Finished 5th Place (Not Pictured)

Congrats on a Great Season!

Thank you Claire Allen for your hard work as Division Rep!

Open Division

Sachs Division

Regular Season Standings

Playoff Results

7.30 sachs playoffs (8)

First Place Regular Season & Playoffs



Second Place Regular Season & Playoffs



The Third Place Skyline Elite


The Fourth Place Jesters


The Fifth Place Outlaws

Congrats on the Great Season!

Thank you to Laurie Hintz for all of her hard work as division rep!

Panarace Division

Regular Season Standings

Fitzpatrick Division

Regular Season Standings

Playoffs Results

Fitzpatrick Results- Spring 2016

Cyclones 2016

First Place Regular Season & Playoffs : Cyclones

(Not Pictured)

Second Place Regular Season & Playoffs: Mustangs

Congrats on the Great Season!

Thanks to Tim Charters on all of his hard work as division rep!

Dima Division

Regular Season Results


Playoffs Results



First Place Regular Season & Playoffs



Second Place Regular Season & Playoffs

Boxer Warriors

Congrats on the Season!

Thanks to Darryl Wesby for his hard work as division rep!

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2015 Fall Season Results

Playoff Results:


Women Division


1st Place • Branded Saloon-Go! Girls

2nd Place • Majestic Thunder
3rd Place • Hit-n-Run


Co-Ed Division

Co-ed Division 1
1st Place • GYM Sportsbar

2nd Place • Sons ‘O Pitches


Co-ed Division 2
1st Place • Rookies

2nd Place • Grizzlies/12 Steps


 Congratulations to all teams for a fun a successful Fall 2015 Season, look forward to seeing you all again next year!


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2015 Ocean State Cup Classic Results

Congratulations to team GYM Sportsbar for finishing 2nd place in the “C” Division in the 2015 The Ocean State Cup Classic in Providence Rhode Island. GYM Sportsbar worked their way out of the losers bracket to play in the championship game.





The Comets & Bad Apples Tied for 5th Place in the D Division



Thanks to all the teams that represented NYC and BASL at the Ocean Cup State Classic!


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2015 NAGAAA World Series Results

Congrats to the Cranky Yankees for placing 3rd Place in the Masters Division at the Columbus Gay Softball World Series. This was a combo team featuring players from Southern New England, Philadelphia and New York

11942284_10153582245867140_4960078820998249582_o (1)

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2015 Spring Results

Women’s Divisions

Mousseau Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Brewers
2nd – Chix with Stix

Playoff Results:
1st – Chix with Stix
2nd – Brewers


Homerun Leader

Kellie Tice, Brewers, 3

RBI Leader

Elissa Davis, Beavers, 18

Batting Title

Jamie Burns, Go! Girls, .673

Rookie of The Year (Philip Ognibene Award)

Amanda Macio, B-Bombers

Pitching Award (Stan Witt Award)

Ginny Lentino, Chix-w-Stix

Most Valuable Player

Kelsey Wolfe, B-Bombers

Kristi Womack (Defensive), Beavers

Sjene Kendrick (Offensive), Beavers

Jess Rosin, Brewers

Kellie Tice, Brewers

Ginny Lentino, Chix-w-Stix

Jamie Burns, Go! Girls

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Amanda Macio, B-Bombers

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

Kimberly Walters, Beavers

Jessenia Roman, Go! Girls

Courage Award

Tina “Squeak” Veguilla, Chix-w-Stix

Green-Batten Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Fusion La Femme
2nd – All The Way Mae’s

Playoff Results:
1st – Fusion La Femme
2nd – Hellcats


Most Valuable Player

Talia Faison, All The Way Mae’s

Dori McLennan, Dive Bar

Rose San Pedro, Fusion La Femme

Katie Hummel, Hellcats

Jamie Lam, Hellcats

Jeanine Royce, Lady Heat

Farrah Miller, Venom

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Alexis Faison, All The Way Mae’s

Katie Williams, Dive Bar

Cori Sanchez, Fusion La Femme

Bonnie Velez, Hellcats

Michelle Pacheco, Lady Heat

Leslie Farrell, Venom

Open Divisions

Dima Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Eagle
2nd – Warriors

Playoff Results:
1st – Eagle
2nd – GYM sportsbar


Homerun Leader

Dustin Myles, Warriors, 5

RBI Leader

Dustin Mylers, Warriors, 30

Batting Title

Chris Ahrens, GYM Sports Bar, .592

Rookie of The Year (Philip Ognibene Award)

Carlos Noreiga, GYM Sports Bar

Pitching Award (Stan Witt Award)

Brad Oldham, GYM Sports Bar

5 Wins, 3 Loss, 2 Ties, 62.5 Win %

Most Valuable Player

Chris Ahrens, GYM Sports Bar

Dustin Myles, Warriors

Edgar Roman, Warriors

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Luis Nunez, Warriors

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

Mike Fitzgerald, GYM Sports Bar

Ty Chess, GYM Sports Bar

Stonewall Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Arsenal
2nd – Ritz Rebels

Playoff Results:
1st – Arsenal
2nd – Fusion


Homerun Leader

George Kui, Rebels, 6

Rookie of The Year (Philip Ognibene Award)

Carl Mahaney

Triple Crown Award (RBI, Batting Avg, HR)

Randy Ovalle, Fusion

RBI: 42, Avg: .692, HR: 6

Pitching Award (Stan Witt Award)

Scott Petritis, Arsenal

11 Wins, 4 Losses

Most Valuable Player

Evan Shoemake, Fusion

Justin Murty, Cyclones

Georgie Kiu, Rebels

Adam Eisenberg, Arsenal

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Gary Shackleford, Cyclones

Pascual Garcia, Arsenal

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

Michael Cohen, Fusion

John McEniry, Cyclones

Michael Goldman, Rebels

Josue Lopez, Arsenal

Fitzpatrick Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Demons
2nd – Rookies

Playoff Results:
1st – Demons
2nd – Mustangs


Homerun Leader

Dean Otsuka, Renegades, 4

RBI Leader

Sheldon Sutherland, Mustangs, 22

Batting Average Title

Sheldon Sutherland, Mustangs, .659

Rookie of The Year (Philip Ognibene Award)

Arturo Jimenez, Mustangs

Triple Crown Award (RBI, Batting Avg, HR)

Sheldon Sutherland, Mustangs

RBI: 22, Avg: .659, HR: 2

Pitching Award (Stan Witt Award)

Charlie Starner, Demons

8 Wins

Most Valuable Player

Brian Cruger, Demons

Sheldon Sutherland, Mustangs

Russ Terry, Renegades

Austin Ochoa, Rookies

Michael Thompson, Rookies

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Gabe Morrone, Demons

Emmanuel Cordero, Mustangs

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

Vinny Argiro, Demons

Arturo Jimenez, Mustangs

Paul Baumbach, Renegades

Joe Hosking, Rookies

Larry Slater, Rookies

Rainbow Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Village Apothecary Wahoos
2nd – gatorz

Playoff Results:
1st – Sirens
2nd – gatorz


Homerun Leader

Mario Hülsmann, gatorz, 4

RBI Leader

Mario Hülsmann, gatorz, 41

Batting Average

Chris McGuire, .733, gatorz

Triple Crown Award (RBI, Batting Avg, HR)

Jean Chiang, Swingers

.509, 13 RBI, 1 HR

Rookie of The Year (Philip Ognibene Award)

Chris McGuire

Pitching Award (Stan Witt Award)

Alex Andres, Wahoos

9 Wins, 5 Losses

Most Valuable Player

Derek Musso, Ballbreakers

Mario Hülsmann, gatorz

Scott Batten, Noreasters

Ryan Dick, Scruff

Ernan Bueno, Sirens

Nathaniel Salerno, Sirens

Jake Corbett, Swingers

Michael Borhi, Wahoos

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Nate Myers, Ballbreakers

Steven Terrezza, gatorz

George Ortiz-Mejias, Noreasters

Thomas Henning, Scruff

Aaron Santis, Sirens

Nazar Rabadi, Wahoos

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

John Steadman, Ballbreakers

James Huang, Sirens

Ricky Hoxha, Swingers

Douglas Galan, Wahoos

Harley Matthews, Wahoos

Sachs Division

Regular Season Results:
1st – Grizzlies
2nd – Gridirons

Playoff Results:
1st – Grizzlies
2nd – Comets


Homerun Leader

Bryan Maguire, Grizzlies, 7

RBI Leader

Carlos Benvenutti, Comets, 23

Batting Average

Carlos Benvenutti, Comets, .673

Most Valuable Player

Kate Sarrantonio, Comets

Joe Vesey, Grizzlies

Ari Pena, Gridirons

Jose Vazquez, JAG

Jeanette Espinosa, Jesters

Steve Meroz, Jesters

Jared Grove, Outlaws

Most Improved Player (John Henry Rew Award)

Miguel Benvenutti, Comets

Jeff Gladstone, Grizzlies

Sean Simpson, Gridirons

Mike Burns, JAG

Elli Rusi, Outlaws

Manager Awards (Jay Brito Award)

Jonas Nolasco, Grizzlies

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2014 Fall Ball Results


2014 BASL Fall League: Season ended on 11/8.

9 Teams braved the 40 degree weather, field changes and tons of little leaguers at Randall’s Island.

Women’s Division:
1st Place: Majestic Thunder

2nd Place: VenomCats (Venom/Hellcats Combo)


Co-ed/Open Division:
1st Place: Sons O’ Pitches
2nd Place: Mustangs
3rd Place: Rookies




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2014 Tournament Teams

2014 Yale Cup Softball Tournament

Congrats to the 2nd Place Rams-n-Rebels (Rambels) in “D” Division and 4th Place in “C” Division Gym Sports Bar (Titans, Eagle, Renegades, Arsenal, Empires, Mavericks and friends)

Special thanks to Sam Lehman and congrats to the 1st Place SNE in “C” Division with BASL players, Dennis Owens and Scott Petritis (Arsenal).




2014 Liberty Bell Classic Results

1st Place – C Division: Warriors

2nd Place – Women’s Division (Competitive): Go! Girls
2nd Place – Women’s Division (Recreational): B-Bombers

3rd Place – D Division: gatorz

Congrats to all of the BASL teams!

Congrats to the Boxer Warriors on 1st place at the 2014 Liberty Bell Classic – Softball Tournament.

Manager Michael Brouse and boys did a great job representing the BASL and NYC in the “C” Division!





2014 Minuteman Classic Results

Boston Minuteman Classic 2014 Softball Tournament: C-Division 5th Place NY Gym Bar


2014 Pride Classic

Gay Pride Classic 2014: A great Pride Saturday for teams Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Thanks for participating at Randall’s Island. Happy Pride!







2014 Chicago Senior Cup Results

BASL sponsor Team GYM Sportsbar NYC placed 4th at 2014 Chicago Senior Cup (Over 40).



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2014 Dallas Gay Softball World Series Results


1st Place Champions in the Masters Division!

2014 Dallas Gay Softball World Series with the NYC Boxers Warriors.

2014 Dallas Gay Softball World Series with the NYC Boxers Warriors.

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